Know Before Choosing Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Designing custom kitchen cabinets can be a complex and time-consuming process, but it is crucial to ensure that the final product suits your needs and preferences. Neglecting proper planning and execution can lead to unsatisfactory results and potential damage to your kitchen cabinets. To help guide you through the process, we have compiled a list of key factors to consider when choosing your cabinet spaces.

Firstly, prioritize the drawers within the cabinets, as they are the most important space for your kitchen remodel. These fitted drawers should be tailored to your specific needs, with added inner shelves to accommodate your desired items. For instance, if you want to store more plates, adding inner drawers to the cabinets can be helpful. Similarly, designing specific drawers to fit glassware or adding trays to pull-out drawers can enhance functionality.

Secondly, consider the hinges that protect the drawers and keep them tightly secured. Ensure that your pull-out drawers do not damage others, and plan your organization accordingly. Opt for functionality over elegance when planning full overlay drawers for your kitchen cabinets.

Thirdly, instead of open shelving, use the vertical spaces available in the cabinets. Utilize the top cabinets for better functionality, as open shelves require a lot of maintenance and do not effectively manage kitchen spaces. Incorporating these shelves into custom kitchen cabinets can improve organization and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.

Fourthly, choose between full overlay and inset doors. While full overlay doors are protected with hinges and offer a modern, elegant look, ensure that cabinets or doors next to each other have minimal spaces. On the other hand, inset drawers are equally strong and attractive, though the hinges are visible and not enclosed like full overlay drawers.

Fifthly, door frames are essential to the overall design of the kitchen spaces. Select a door frame that complements your goals for a functional and elegant space.

Lastly, consider whether you want a traditional or modern kitchen design when planning your cabinets and door frames. This will set the tone for functionality and usage of the space. It is recommended to consult a professional to design semi-custom cabinets for your kitchen to ensure a seamless and satisfactory experience.


In conclusion, choosing custom kitchen cabinets requires careful consideration of various factors. It is essential to focus on the drawers, hinges, shelving, door frames, and overall design to create a functional and elegant kitchen space. Working with a professional can help ensure that the cabinets meet your specific needs and requirements.


Factors to Consider Importance Key Considerations
Drawers High Fit kitchen requirements, add inner shelves, consider trays
Hinges High Ensure drawers are functional and don’t harm others
Shelving Medium Use vertical spaces, consider maintenance and organization
Door Style Medium Choose between full overlay and inset doors, consider spacing
Door Frames Low Add functional and elegant frames
Design High Choose between traditional and modern styles, set functional goals


Q: Why is it essential to choose custom kitchen cabinets? A: Custom cabinets can be designed to meet your specific needs and requirements, providing better functionality and organization in your kitchen.

Q: What are the key factors to consider when choosing custom kitchen cabinets? A: Important factors to consider include drawers, hinges, shelving, door style, door frames, and overall design.

Q: Can a professional help with the design process? A: Yes, working with a professional can help ensure that the cabinets meet your specific needs and requirements.